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I love the simple mechanic of this game, plus the music and ambience is perfect! I second the point that VOiD1 Gaming made below, lots of potential to become a really succesfull casual game! I wish I had such good ideas :) Well done!

Thanks, i wish i could make some amazing pixel art tilesets like you !

57 score :D
Fun, but needs some new elements after a while because it gets repetitive and once you get the hang of it, it's not hard anymore and starts to become boring.

Très bon jeu, fun et addictif comme il faut. En plus c'est beau !

Merci tout plein !


This game is super fun to play, has the full potential to become a good hyper casual game ahead. Also, the music is quite soothing and the environment suits the game too. At First, the game was hard to control as the trajectory seems to be not right, but later it was fun playing it. Later ahead of time you can improve the visuals of the game, add more mechanics and polish up the controls even more for best experience. 

Thanks a lot for your advices, i'll try to improve this ;)

Sounds Great!